Jack Zampolin, Game of Zones & IBC

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In this episode we talk to Jack Zampolin, the Indefatigable product leader behind GOZ, about IBC as a product and product management, the latest upgrade in the IBC protocol. Pylon Validator and its story. Game of Zones and bow ties!

Jack is the co-founder of Pylon validator and is an advisor to Akash network.

Pylon Validation Services operates a secure validator node on the Cosmos network. Pylon has been running the hub software (starting with testnets) since the summer of 2018.

Akash network is the Unstoppable Cloud of the Cosmos ecosystem. The DeCloud for DeFi, and the world's first decentralized cloud computing marketplace. Akash DeCloud is a faster, better, and lower cost cloud built for DeFi, decentralized projects, and high growth companies, providing unprecedented scale, flexibility, and price performance. 10x lower in cost, our serverless computing platform is compatible with all cloud providers and all applications that run on the cloud.

The projects that have been mentioned in this episode:

| Cosmos | GOZ | Pylon | Сyber | Aragon | Desmos | Dash | Z-Cash |

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