Citizen Cosmos



Citizen Cosmos validator

Our aim is to onboard people to web3 by making the journey as human as possible. We believe that web3 is firsthand a communication tool. Let's communicate together!

We operate validators on the below listed networks. Token holders can stake with us to help secure these networks and earn staking rewards. We are devoted to our work and devoted to progress. We think out of the box and are proud to be a bit crazy. We value security, decentralization and simplicity.

Current networks:

1. Cosmos hub

Cosmos is an ecosystem of connected blockchains. It is the TCP/IP of web3. A truly decentralized communication protocol. Cosmos hub is the first hub and blockchain in that ecosystem. ATOM is the main token of Cosmos. It is used to help secure the network, transact, participate in governance and can be staked to receive rewards.

2. Cyber

Cyber is a distributed, self-sustainable computer for answers, managed and governed by its users. It is structured to resemble a superintendent AI organism, which can learn from the data it taught by its users. Cyber is able to provide answers to questions without blackbox intermediaries and already has MVP's, such as, an alternative to Google and Twitter. CYB is the main token of the network, which is used to transact, create cyberlinks, secure the network, stake and receive rewards.

Cyber is still in testnet. Its current token is EUL.


  • Eth 2.0: Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications