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In this episode we talk to Tess Rinearson, the VPE at Interchain GMBH aka Tendermint core.

Interchain GmbH are responsible for stewarding some of the most foundational infrastructure for blockchain ecosystems. Their work helps secure billions of dollars in value across a variety of major blockchain projects, including Cosmos, and they are pioneering new protocols for interoperability across the entire blockchain ecosystem. Their vision is to create a new interconnected ecosystem, a new internet of blockchains: The Interchain.

We spoke to Tess about the future development of Tendermint and:

  • Why Tendermint is one of the most elegant consensus algorithms
  • What pitfalls still await Tendermint
  • Who commits to the Cosmos ecosystem
  • What is cryptography good for
  • Consensus algorithms
  • Management and efficiency
  • Formal verification
  • Customer communication in software development
  • The difference between a VPE and a CTO
  • Databases and social graphs
  • Knowledge graphs and decentralization
  • The similarities between technical and social interaction
  • Cycling in Berlin

The projects and people that have been mentioned in this episode:

| Tendermint | Interchain GmbH | Cosmos | Stellar | Cosmos-SDK | Medium | Jepsen | Gaia | Urbit | Regen Netowork | Oleg Andreev | Adam Back | Zarko Milosevic | Ev Williams |

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