Antoine Herzog, Starname & decentralized identity


November 17th, 2020

33 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode we talk to Antoine Herzog, the co-founder and the CEO of Starname. We discuss the importance of identity standards for the decentralized space. Different variations of name services and approaches to blockchain identity across the space. We also touch on the importance and value of privacy and information disclosure, as well as such issues as KYC and their possible future development direction. Antoine also shares his vision on how to develop your project on Cosmos, how to attract validators to your chain and how to keep on the good vibe going within the team. He also shares his experience and the some of the dos and don'ts on moving from Ethereum to Cosmos.

Starname is a decentralized username which looks like: * david. It integrates into Wallets, Dapps and Exchanges. It embodies many promises of the blockchain in all sectors such as DeFi, wallets, Dapps, games and exchanges. It enables you to receive crypto assets or to log in Dapps in a seamless way. Transferring value becomes fast and easy.

IOV is the company behind Starname. IOV SAS is a company under the jurisdiction of France and is on a mission to organize the world's crypto assets and make them universally accessible and exchangeable for everyone. Blockchain is supposed to be a technology for people and businesses. IOV is building the bridge between blockchains and people with the creation of the Starname, an easy-to-say address that provides a secure, scalable and fully decentralized username for all blockchains.

The projects that have been mentioned in this episode:

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