Dan Edlebeck, Decentralized VPN's & privacy


January 25th, 2021

43 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode we talk to Dan Edlebeck, the CEO of Exidio. A project that is creating a resilient and robust decentralized VPN solutions on Sentinel. A protocol for dVPN built with the help of Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint.

Exidio is building decentralized and distributed networking solutions and contributing to the Cosmos open source community by creating a resilient and robust decentralized VPN and allowing you to create your own decentralized and distributed VPN network.

The Sentinel Network hosts open-source distributed and decentralized applications that provide users with assurance that their session information is not being logged, their communication is not being stored, and that not even the creator of the application can view any of their data. Sentinel Network is a network layer that enables a true p2p and decentralized applications and resources marketplace. Sentinel enables anyone to create Public and Private networks that provide access to both free and incentivized, and also payment method agnostic (pre-paid/escrow/post-paid) services (dApps) & distributed resources, enabling its clients to become both producers and consumers in the network.

We spoke to Dan about decentralized VPN solutions as a way to obtain private and secure experience online. We discuss, such topics as encryption and security, talking about the Encrypted hub, P2P connections and proof of bandwidth. This episode is full of useful resources and information, especially if you are a podcast lover. We also talk about Costa Rica and the sounds of a blockchain transaction.

The projects and people that have been mentioned in this episode:

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