David Park, Cosmostation, intuition & product development


May 24th, 2021

41 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

In this episode we talk to David Park, co-founder of Cosmostation, one of the biggest staking providers in blockchain industry.

Cosmostation is one of the largest staking providers in the blockchain industry. It also provides various products, such as wallets, explorers, statistics, etc. and allows users to access DeFi right away by delegating your tokens and earning rewards.

We spoke to David about Cosmostation, and:

  • IBC and plans for integration
  • DeFi and second layers
  • How to bridge Ethereum and Cosmos
  • Binance smart chain
  • Roommates and blockchains
  • Intuition and blockchains
  • Failures in crypto-investing
  • Mintscan and its success
  • Korea and Seoul on the blockchain map
  • Founders and crypto projects
  • Decentralization and validators
  • A Community network VS a foundation network
  • Cosmos hub and its bigger role
  • Ambitions and plans
  • Exciting projects

The projects and people that have been mentioned in this episode:

| Tendermint | Cosmos | Cosmostation | Ethereum | IBC | Dfinity | Irisnet | Chainlink | Binance | Mintscan | Keplr | Sentinel | Fetch AI | DeFi station | Bitcointalk | Lisk | Compound | Cosmos governance proposals | Uniswap | Osmosis |

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