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Overview of episode 15: Tor Bair, privacy and secrets

In episode 15 we talked to Tor Blair, the founder of Secret Network.

The episode contains plenty of secrets, just make sure to pay attention. We talk about privacy, trust, Amazon drones, privacy by design and learn how to lay out the foundation for privacy projects. We go to depth about more technical things, such as, privacy preserving smart contracts, transactional privacy vs programmable privacy and learn how to get involved in Secret Network for those who are interested.

Find out who to learn privacy from, what privacy is and get some ideas on how to make a good podcast from Tor. Also get some ideas on how to launch a node on the Secret network and what privacy preserving smart contracts are.

Timeline of the episode:

  • 1.20: The definition of privacy
  • 3.30: Incentives to protect privacy
  • 8.07: A personal rtake on privacy
  • 13.15: How to combine poker and privacy?
  • 14.10: Privacy projects and the foundations that back them
  • 18.50: Privacy gurus
  • 21.15: Privacy preserving smart contracts
  • 26.48: Intel SGX
  • 30.20: How Intel can affect privacy
  • 33.08: Secret Nodes
  • 35.30: Ways to talk to a community
  • 37.45: SCRT token
  • 40.28: Monetization behind a foundation
  • 42.10: Is MIT education helpful or not?
  • 44.44: The story of the Decentralize this podcast
  • 47.02: Secrets to share
  • 48.17: Exciting projects