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Overview of episode 14. Billy Rennekamp, Tendermint vs ICF

Starting with the latest episode: 'Billy Rennekamp, Tendermint vs ICF', we've decided to put together a follow-up post for our podcast episodes. Each overview will contain a brief description and a timeline of the episode. In due time, we will also add transcripts to each episode. Better late than never they say...

Billy Rennekamp is the grants' manager at Interchain Foundation and the founder of Clovers Network. In this episode we discuss ICF’s functions as a vehicle and its role for the greater Cosmos ecosystem. We chat about Clovers Network and NFT tokens. We also talk about how citizenship will look in the (not so) distant future, tattoo machines and blockchain DNA.

You can learn how to get a grant from the ICF for your web3 project or / and your Cosmos-SDK based project. What are the criteria that ICF is looking for, how does it function as a vehicle and much more.

Find out whether DeFi is the next big thing in Billy's eyes and what projects in the space excite him personally and for which reasons.

Timeline of the episode:

  • 1.54: What is the ICF
  • 7.08: Publicity
  • 10.40: Communication within a project
  • 13.32: Personal blockchain story
  • 21.47: DeFi: the new economic reality or a new scam
  • 23.54: The beauty of blockchains and what attracts people
  • 31.20: Cryptography
  • 33.36: Centralized and decentralized decision-making process in ICF
  • 40.06: Fiat and Crypto currencies in ICF operations
  • 41.34: Clovers network and integration with Cosmos
  • 45.52: Exciting blockchain technologies
  • 49.30: Cosmos Citizenship
  • 53.52: Billy’s Twitter account
  • 56.11: Interesting blockchain projects